Imran Adeeb Wikipedia / Biography (Expose World) Age – Education – YouTube Channel

Assalamo Alaikum my dear all friends. How are you all? please comment below. Today in this article, I am going to write about Imran Adeeb biography/Wikipedia the host of Expose World.

Imran Adeeb is a Pakistani journalism student as well as also a social media influencer. His YouTube channel name is Expose World.

Imran Adeeb Biography
Imran Adeeb Biography

His vision is to present the Islamic past (deleted history) to the people of the world through research, analysis, investigation, and examination.

Quick Introduction

Full Name: Imran Adeeb
Age: 27
Language: Urdu, English
Topic/Field: Research, Investigation, and exposure of Islamic past history. (deleted history)
Platform: YouTube
Subscribers: 372k (now)
Joining Date: 23 Nov 2016
Total videos: 115
Religion: Muslim
Nationality: Pakistani


Today in this world, there are many misconceptions about Islam, especially in western media and around the world. And we Muslims are standing in front of them like play dolls.

We don’t want to counter their misconceptions. Whether it is our lack of knowledge or something else, we cannot answer them.

But, the man I am going to write about today his name is Imran Adib. As much can be said about him it will be less. He is a journalism student by profession.

But, the way he is bringing the Islamic erased date in front of people, of course, is commendable. Moreover, his main mission is to show the Islamic past history (Erased Date) In front of our society.

Imran Adeeb Expose World Biography
Imran Adeeb Expose World Biography

If you want to know more about Imran Adeeb please can visit his YouTube channel.

Then you will understand who is he?


Now he is a student of MA Journalism. The power of knowledge, research, thinking, and also his speaking style makes him a topper than other YouTubers.

His every series or topic like the history of Pornography, Top of Time, Mysterious of World as well as Hollywood movie explanation has uniqueness and has so much information, knowledge and research.

And I liked almost all series of him.

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Work and Passion:

Now we all know that currently, he is a student of Journalism. So normally he studying his Journalism subject.

And the part-time he researched the new topic and making or publishing the YouTube video.

And about his passion, he is always said that the research and analysis of any new scientific term or historical data and new content or content topic all of his passion.

Popular Videos:

Here I am listing some of his popular series and videos. Please check out this series or video.


Popular Video:

Social Media:

Basically, he is popular on two social platforms – 1.YouTube other Facebook.

And still, we have no idea about he had other social media account besides YouTube and Facebook. when I come to know he is used to other social media platforms then definitely I am written here.

Imran Adeeb answering the public asking questions

Video Credit – Expose World


In the conclusion, I am written only my views of him. So if you do not agree with my views please do not comment or criticize.

From my 1 year of experience subscribing to his channel, I think this is the best knowledgeable, learned, or well-informed learning platform for learners I show ever.

Imran Adeeb has so much knowledge especially his pure researching data, historical material, documentary, about mystery, reality, lots of facts we are always liked.

One more thing about Imran Adeeb I liked, that is he always mentally prepared for his work.

The sound, attitude, motivational speech for youtube audience or speed of talking, and also style of talking making him a professional Youtuber and speaker.

All the information I am sharing with you is collecting from the internet and social media sources.

If you have any questions or objections please contact me by submitting an email. My email address is

So guise it’s only about my views of him. If you like anything about him besides what I will mention here, please comment below.

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