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Raza Graphy is the name of a YouTube channel. And the host of this channel is Mohammad Raza. He is a verified person from Google.

Mohammad Raza is a news anchor, director, editor, and professional animator of Raza Graphy Media Network. He is well known on his YouTube news channel only for his truth and trusted news.

Raza Graphy Wikipedia, Biography

Raza warking on media since 2011 independently. Also, he has done some amazing work with Multinational Companies like “Amazon”, Dolphin POD, and the list goes on…

Quick Introduction:

Here some quick information about Raza Graphy.

Full Name: Muhammad Raza
Age: 27
Language: Hindi, Urdu, English
Topic/Field: News & Media
Platform: YouTube
Subscribers: 1.67M (now)
Joining Date: 17 Feb 2015
Total videos: 1311 (now)
Religion: Islam
Nationality: Indian
Height 5.5

About Raza Graphy:

From the ground, Raza provides his audience the real news, real picture, facts, and information.

If any wrong or unwanted thing is happened from anywhere in the world he shows us also the real picture of that case.

Raza Graphy

He spoke about unity among Hindus and Muslims. Exposes all kinds of fake news, all harmful agendas which are harmful to our country based on documents, proof, and facts.
Raza Graphy channel is not like the national media, That the wrong news will be posted under the government or someone’s pressure. Here you will always find true news.
It is a completely independent news channel. That’s why the people like this channel very much.

Raza Graphy Contact Information:

Raza Graphy has become the most popular on the YouTube channel. He also stays active on a few more social media. They are the ones.


Raza Graphy Photos & Picture:

Here are some photos or pictures of Muhammad Raza.

Raza graphy Biography

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