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Assalamo Alaikum my dear all friends. How are you all? please comment below. Today in this article, I am going to write about the true skills-Muhammad Ibrahim Biography, Wikipedia.

Muhammad Ibrahim is a Bangladeshi medical student and recently he becomes a medical doctor by profession as well as also a social media influencer and motivational speaker.


His YouTube channel name is True Skills- Muhammad Ibrahim. Recently he completes his 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

The mission he does start that builds a good Islamic society and educates millions of youngsters with Islamic education is a very difficult task for him.

But, he is constantly trying to inform people about Islam through his informative speeches, research, reasoning, analysis and is trying to bring some good change in our society.


Quick Introductions:

Name Muhammad Ibrahim (Shuvo)
Age: 29
Language: Bengali, English
Topic/Field: Information of Islamic Field.
Platform: YouTube
Subscribers: 1.02m (now)
Joining Date: 11 May 2017
Total videos: 430
Religion: Islam
Nationality: Bangladesh


Education of Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim:-

We have all know that recently he completes his medical study and he becomes a medical doctor. But we have no information about he has a medical counter or joining other jobs.


But yet he uploading YouTube videos regularly on his channel. If you have any information related to his education, jobs, or about him, please help me to complete writing his biography.


Monthly Earning from YouTube:-

As we all know that the number of subscribers of True Skills- Muhammad Ibrahim is 1 million. That means he earns a good amount of money from his youtube channel.

According to Social Blade, the estimated monthly earnings of this channel are approx $1K to $16.1K dollar every month.


But recently he published a video and which he said that he will not take money from YouTube. Because in the YouTube advertisement there are many offensives, harmful, and adult ads showing on YouTube videos.

Which is not permitted from an Islamic point of view. And it is refrained from only by the commandment of Allah Ta’ala.


Contact Information:-

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim doesn’t disclose his identity to the public. Because there is much reason why he doesn’t disclose their identity. But yet there are some ways to contact Muhammad Ibrahim given below.

You can contact him on these platforms……

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Know more about Muhammad Ibrahim…..

Video Credit: True Skills Muhammad Ibrahim



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